Blockchain governance is one of the most interesting aspects of cryptocurrencies. Maybe one of my backgrounds as a political scientist directs me, but I study and participate in those blockchains where governance is possible and where I can participate.

Thanks to Algorand wallet I didn’t miss this Governance period #1

Terra Station Wallet review: Staking, Delegation, Swap

Cardano staking with Yoroi mobile wallet — short video guide

Cardano Development: Marlowe Tips & Tricks with Tin a Haskell DEV | Hackathon Workshop

Learn some tips and tricks for working with Cardano Marlowe code from a Haskell developer who has been experimenting with building smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain for over a year.

You can connect with Tin here:

Gaming Design & AMA with Game DEVs Rob at Cornucopias & Aiden at PlayerMint | Hackathon Openspace

Open discussion in ADAMakerSpace hackathon about developing a Cardano-based game and platform that rewards gamers with PMX a native asset.

I met both Rob, Boone, and Maria Carmo (who also was in this call but without video) in Project Catalyst Fund1 over a year ago and I’m happy to cooperate with them. I also joined this conversation with several questions. So I advise you to watch the video.

Binance NFT Marketplace presents the rules to the first “collect to win NFT competition” which was mentioned in our original announcement. This is your chance to win 3 exclusive Binance 4th Anniversary X Richard Orlinski SSR NFTs. …

Quinn aka The Ancient Kraken presents a workshop of token faucet design and demonstrates a smart contract on Cardano’s Alonzo Purple testnet.

Learn more at his GitHub

Event Kickoff Meeting with DEV challenge presentations from Occam, Adosia, SPOCRA, and mentorship intro from Swarm.

The video recording:

0:00 Occam Challenges

21:40 Adosia Challenges

44:21 SPOCRA Challenges

1:08:08 Swarm Mentorship Intro

1:18:08 Pitching Ideas

Check the schedule and participate!

Are you ready to take part in an experimental hackathon and open space learning experience?

This Friday August 13th 2021, ADA MakerSpace is launching a Hackathon MVP designed to help entrepreneurs, developers, and community members connect around the topic of building in the Cardano Ecosystem.

What happens when you create…


Cryptocurrency enthusiast, student of forgotten economists

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