With accelerated adoption worldwide, Binance is engaging increasingly more users and we are aware we have a larger role in protecting them.

By the way, with this special partner link, you can get -20% trading fees. And, of course, an additional -25% if you use BNB

Binance says on the blog: We are the first cryptocurrency exchange with a Responsible Trading program, dedicating resources to further educate users on the risks of trading and implementing safety measures such as anti-addiction restrictions and “cooling-off” suspension features. We want to give a reminder that the crypto market is risky and all users must exercise caution and self-assessment if they wish to participate. Newer and inexperienced users should take extra care and adopt responsible trading…

These are the main news from July 2021 Cardano 360 Update, which you can watch as a video in full version and the mini version will be available soon.

1 . Global Cardano 2021 Summit Goguen Edition

In addition to the summit in Wyoming — there will be a mix of virtual and live events from around the world over two days.

You can register now at https://summit.cardano.org/

Answer “Yes” to the question “Would you be interested in attending a local community meet up?” and you will have a number of cities organised by the continent.

These cities are:

AFRICA (4): Accra, Addis, Cape Town, Kigali

ASIA (10): Abu Dhabi, Hanoi, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Teheran, Tokyo, Ulaanbaatar,

AUSTRALIA (1): Sydney

EUROPE (6): Athens, Berlin, Kyiv, London, Tbilisi…

I’ve recorded video from Catalyst voting app for educational purposes. Especially for the people outside of Cardano ecosystem this might be useful to see how the big crypto-DAO is emerging.

Thanks for watching. If you delegate or plan to delegate your ADA — you can use my link https://stake.is/Ri/how_to_stake_cardano_yoroi_web and Everstake SPO will share some profits with me (which I will use for promoting Cardano locally and globally). The process is very easy, but just in case — there is a video explanation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXrHXEPwOs0

I’m happy to be in the ADA MakerSpace team and contribute to the organization of the Cardano hackathon which will be August 13–29 , 2021.

You can read more and signup for the hackathon on ADA MakerSpace site and in this post, I will focus on PrizePool.

Last Catalyst (Cardano governance project) townhall Boone Bergsma presented Hackathon PrizePool and you can watch the presentation here

Right now as I’m writing these lines, the prize pool is 693 ADA and most probably it will grow as you will read this. Moreover, there are many Cardano-based tokens in the prize pool, check them on the image below or by the link in the live mode

You can also contribute to the prize pool and there are many ways you can help Hackathon and Cardano ecosystem in general!

These are the main news from Cardano 360 Update, which you can watch as a video in full version or mini version.

  1. Alonzo Blue — everything is according to plan. From 6 SPOs testing the network, the number is increased to 20
  2. It’s possible we can see a merge into Alonzo White in a week from now
  3. Plutus Partners are building applications and will show some demos in July
  4. Plutus Pioneer Program starts accepting candidates and the course start July 1. You can sign up https://developers.cardano.org/en/plutus-pioneer-program/
  5. Cardano P2P Network: currently there are multiple P2P nodes running on the mainnet as test relays. …

ADA MakerSpace lesson to learn how things you need to think about when building crowdfunding smart contracts on Cardano blockchain using Marlowe Playground. This is PART1 of the ADAMaker.Space Episode, stay tuned for PART2.

The episode made possible by Project Catalyst FUND3 https://cardano.ideascale.com/ Thank you Voters!

You can also signup for updates and check ADA MakerSpace LAB ACCESS PASS NFT


Many people now are obsessed with NFT (Non-fungible tokens) idea. The information of expensive NFT sales adds the desire to become rich either by buying/selling NFTs or releasing their own NFTs. Ethereum still has the biggest market share, but it is not the only blockchain where you can create, trade, or store NFTs. In this article, I checked some more platforms. The list is not finite, so feel free to let us know about other platforms in the comment, in some time I will update the article and then, hopefully, will include it in the extended format in the future book.

I. Binance


Binance NFT marketplace in coming on June 24, 2021. By the way, with this special partner link, you can get -20% trading fees. And, of course, an additional -25% if you use BNB

II. Cardano

Cardano is a top cryptocurrency and very promising and trending now. Most probably the big variety of NFT platforms will emerge and demand will be high.

While the next big Cardano update is expected in September, it’s already possible to create NFTs. For example, we as the ADA MakerSpace team created this Utility NFT, and 21 NFT were already sold.

There is…

As NFT (Non-fungible tokens) is a very trending topic now, several people asked me about NFTs on Cardano.

That’s why I decided to show the example of Cardano NFT, which I hold. This NFT is ADA MakerSpace LAB ACCESS PASS NFT, utility NFT (full description below) and if you like — you can get one yourself too.

It is possible to see this NFT on the block explorer (Pool.pm). In some time I assume there will be a bigger number of block explorers, wallets, and different services which will make the experience more user-friendly.


This UTILITY NFT will get you access to our experiments (beta test DApps) before the public, and give access to special Airdrops of…

Traveling is slowly returning. That’s why I’m happy to share the news which contributes to the crypto-adoption and crypto-usage. Now you can book a hotel with crypto on Binance.

By the way, with this special partner link, you can get -20% trading fees. And, of course, an additional -25% if you use BNB

On the image, you can see how I checked my home city Kyiv and there is a big variety of hotels there.

Binance users can now access Hotels, the first category on the Binance Marketplace powered by Binance Pay. …

European FIFA football team ranked №1 in the Ukrainian Premier League, FC Dynamo Kyiv, is launching NFT ticketing for its 2021 season, powered by its blockchain partner Moonwalk. These tickets will be listed exclusively on Binance NFT Marketplace as a part of ‘100 Creators Campaign’ that is done to celebrate the launch of Binance NFT Marketplace. Dynamo Kyiv will become the first major sports team in the world to regularly sell NFTs as both tickets and collectibles.

By the way, with this special partner link, you can get -20% trading fees. And, of course, an additional -25% if you use BNB

Dynamo Kyiv fans will be able to purchase NFT tickets only on Binance NFT Marketplace at the end of June. Moonwalk and Binance NFT will serve as the exclusive NFT ticketing providers. Leading up to the season kick-off, exclusive game-related NFTs will be dropped on the leading NFT marketplace, Binance NFT.

Dynamo Kyiv has an outstanding history and one of the biggest fan bases in Ukraine. We are excited to announce this collaboration, and for sure…


Cryptocurrency enthusiast, student of forgotten economists

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