Apr 29, 2020

3 min read

As you probably have seen in the news, Telos announced partnerships with three gaming companies on bringing blockchain features to games on the Unity and Steam platforms. One of these companies, Portuguese blockchain developer Block Bastards launches its player engagement reward platform Qudo and the first game. QUDO token is in-game currency and the first game where it is integrated is tower defense game Blox. The game is in alpha version stage, but those who can’t wait to try it — can request test access on the game website. The developers are very responsive and you can share your feedback in Blox telegram or in Telos community telegram.

Blox — game with educational elements

In Blox you need to build towers (there are several types of them), kill enemies and collect your block rewards.

You need to protect your blockchains, your resources (such as CPU, RAM) and the enemies are simulations of the real threats which infrastructure face -bugs, DDos attacks, Double-spend attacks, etc. For the new blockchain adopters and not tech-savvy people this game really provides an educational basic introduction to the crypto world.

This way game-players can discover the history of Bitcoin and other blockchains.

This way game-players can discover the history of Bitcoin and other blockchains.

Next level after Bitcoin is Litecoin, then — Moner, Ripple, Siacoin, Ethereum. Probably more levels will be added later.

Each level has its own specifics, different block rewards, different enemies, and different amount of resources (money allocated to you). There is also an economic aspect in the game. Each level you get a certain amount of coin (i.e. 1500 in Monero level) which you can use to build your towers (Laser, Missiles, Gatlins) for example you can build 10 Lasers. But at the end of the game you need to have profits in order to be rewarded with real QUDO tokens. So you need to have rewards bigger than 1500 or you will have a loss, that’s why you also need to spend your resources efficiently — to build enough towers to protect your infrastructure but at the same time have some surplus of resources.

Blox is not the first game to choose Telos as an engine for its tokenomics, and more games are coming to Telos.

Both Telos community and Qudo platforms are engaging game developers to take a look at blockchain opportunities which are open now due to the token-reward mechanism which is already live and more projects adopt it.