Cardano Delegation — Staking in Daedalus wallet

I decided to make this simple video to show you how to delegate your Cardano, ADA.

Right now it is possible to delegate from Daedalus wallet, soon there will be possible to use Yoroi mobile wallet and browser extension.

So right now the only and best way is to download Daeduls wallet 2.0.

If you had Daedalus mainnet wallet of the previous version — the new Daedalus 2.0. will be installed on top of it.

After launching Daedalus, you will need to wait until the blockchain is downloaded and synchronized.

Then you need to create your Shelley wallet. I will remind you that your seed phrase is very important, it’s the only way to restore access to your wallet. Also, you will create a spending password.

After wallet creation, you will have to see the proposition to transfer your funds to the new Shelley wallet. You can follow the procedure and then you can visit the “Delegation center”.

There you can see your wallet balance details and “Delegate” word in green. You can click it or you can select another tab “Stake pools” where you will see many pools and perform the staking there.

In this example, I’m delegating to “AZUR” pool. You can enter AZUR into the search and will see it. You click “Delegate to this pool” then “Continue” and select the wallet from which to delegate.

From 1 wallet you can delegate to 1 pool. Then after entering your spending password, click “Continue”. Waiting might take a few seconds and you will see the “WALLET DELEGATED” message.

Congratulations! Now you are ADA is helping to decentralize and secure Cardano blockchain. You will start receiving awards in around 15–20 days.

So that’s it, very simple.

If you have additional questions or want to learn more about Shelley, I advise you to read the article on Cardano forum

Also, feel free to ask me any questions. I didn’t make the screenshots for this post, as there is already video. But let me know if this was helpful, so I might create another guide in the future.

Thanks for watching and reading.



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