Cardano NFT — Example and experience

As NFT (Non-fungible tokens) is a very trending topic now, several people asked me about NFTs on Cardano.

That’s why I decided to show the example of Cardano NFT, which I hold. This NFT is ADA MakerSpace LAB ACCESS PASS NFT, utility NFT (full description below) and if you like — you can get one yourself too.

It is possible to see this NFT on the block explorer ( In some time I assume there will be a bigger number of block explorers, wallets, and different services which will make the experience more user-friendly.

This UTILITY NFT will get you access to our experiments (beta test DApps) before the public, and give access to special Airdrops of Tokens of projects created in ADA MakerSpace LABs. Only 10,000 LAB PASSES will ever be minted and in circulation, LAB ACCESS PASS NFTs are minted in batches with unique SERIAL#s on each NFT (GIF).

And don’t forget to subscribe to AdaMakerSpace Youtube where you will see in the future more episodes on Cardano development, including minting and working with NFTs.



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