Crypto-blogging — the last resort of crypto-entrepreneur

3 min readJan 8, 2023

The cryptocurrency market is down. That’s the moment of failure for many crypto-entrepreneurs. The path of a crypto-entrepreneur might be hard, polarized, and difficult. Yesterday you could have been rich, now you might be poor and tomorrow you may become rich again.

Every bull market brings a new wave of crypto-entrepreneurs. Let’s be honest -the vast majority of them come for money. Only true crypto-entrepreneurs stay in the bear markets. But many of them if not the most still fail.

I also failed but it also seems to me that the final failure is your inner perception. You might have no income, you might be in debts and see no perspective for getting funds — but you still might have ideas and still have knowledge.

That’s why even if I’m having a bad time now — I have confidence that I will restore my crypto-business in the future, and I have plans for it. It might take a few months, or a few years, but I’m sure it will change. I will continue to do interviews for Cryptotexty youtube channel, even though when you have a bit more than 1000 subscribers — not so many people want to speak with you. Especially during the bear market. People ignore you, people reply in weeks or don’t reply at all. People are not so interested in you. But still, there are some views so there is the audience. The quality is always what I was hoping for, not the quantity.

I will continue to study cryptocurrency industry and look for opportunities where I can contribute. By thinking about I came to conclusion that now my main and only source of crypto-income is crypto blogging. That’s why I came with the phrase that Crypto-blogging — is the last resort of crypto-entrepreneur.

Crypto-blogging is not for everyone and of course, I don’t recommend it for those people who don’t enjoy writing. Crypto-blogging income is very dependant on the market situation. For example, if in spring of 2022 when I was blogging a lot (and also about russian-Ukrainian war), I would have a good salary from all crypto-blogs combined. Now, in January 2023 my crypto-blogging income might only cover my monthly cost for coffee or in the best chance — the cost of cigarettes. That’s better than nothing though, and also it’s possible to use such income in crypto for investments.

Income is not the main point. Even if you are a good writer — there are still jobs for Content writers, Copywriters, and you would earn much better funds there than on crypto blogs. But crypto-blogs give you freedom. Real independence. Some of my minor crypto-blogs were destroyed by russian in their informational warfare, maybe I lost some of my income and a small part of the audience — but other crypto-blog audiences grew. The platforms I speak about are first of all ReadCash, Hive, Publish0x, and Blurt, these are the main sites where I get some $ but I tend to be on other sites as well. Even if I have 1 extra reader on some other platform — that’s enough motivation for me to join.

What’s important — is that despite the situation on the market — my crypto-blog audience is slowly growing. Now in a bear market is a good time to grow knowledge, audience, connections, and communication. Now it’s a good time to write. Good time to think over your entrepreneurial ideas.

That’s why I want to thank everyone who supported me by reading my texts in the past and who will read them in the future. In 2023 we’ll meet again — on Crypto-blogs — the last resort of crypto-entrepreneur…




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