Cryptoalphabet book for children — Project Catalyst proposal

This idea — is a proposal in the Fund3 of Project Catalyst (Cardano governance system). I wrote about Project Catalyst and you can also check this proposal on Ideascale. You can also sign up, check other proposals and maybe submit your proposal in the future funds.

Challenge question :

How to increase general awareness about Cardano and cryptocurrencies?

How to make fun community-building incentives?

Why is it important?

The earlier to start financial education — the better it will be in the long-term.

Cryptoalphabet — community-created Alphabet for children

How does success look like?

As community defines it. I.e. If the general awareness will increase, and there will be high demand for “Cryptoalphabet”

Key Metrics to measure

- Number of people engaged into the creation of Cryptoalphabet

- Number of people interested in getting this book

- Number of book sales outside of Cardano community

- Number of books sales outside the crypto space

- Number of popular media who covered this story

- The revenue generated by the book sales

Challenge brief

A for ADA. B for Bitcoin

The community-driven effort of creating the crypto-alphabet for the children. The community will vote and express an opinion, volunteer to create rhymes for particular letters and drawings.

We all agree is that A is for Ada, B for Bitcoin, But D might be for Dash or Decred?

H might be for Horizen or Holochain

T for Tezos or Telos

What letter to choose? Let the community decide.

Either by voting or “supporting” a particular letter, the community can decide. I.e. if some of you want Horizen to “win” the letter H — then you can send any amount of ADA to the project’s address. Then if suddenly Hedera Hashgraph fan appears and start competing with you — the competition to the letter might continue for hundreds or thousands of ADA.

This crypto-alphabet will be published as Book and distributed for all of the community — first of all, those who take an active part in Project Catalyst. Then as presents to different Cardano meetup attendees, future conferences, and summits, but also it will be sold both as digital and as a paperback. As this project is applying for treasure funds, so the potential profits will be used to rewards active participants of the book creation, additional creation of book supplies, and maybe reserve fund for future activities. I know a publisher who agreed to do this project in my country, and have also their distribution network — so also the book will be sold for people outside of crypto area, which is good as it brings additional brand awareness and potential adoption.

There are 2 options for illustrations:

1. Children will draw the illustrations, first of all children of people from Cardano ecosystem, but it can go further to other communities

2. We’ll find a designer (it’s not a problem, when the text is ready, each letter — represents each crypto, so it won’t be hard for a designer to draw illustration based on it). Maybe the designer from the community will be willing to join this project.

I’m putting the budget of $4800 USD which will be enough to print 2000 copies of the book (well, maybe we should print more), and rewarding all the people who contributed (designers, text creator) and book shipping costs

Many aspects of the process are up for the community to decide

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