Cryptotaxi NFT idea

While observing the NFT recent development, I see that many of these NFT are useless. Their don’t have neither demand for it nor practical applications.

I have several software development ideas, some of which include NFTs. They are more complex, I will write about them later. But here is an easy one.

For example, there is a Cryptotaxi. Yes, maybe the only one in the world which accepts cryptocurrencies. And it’s more crypto video program than an ordinary taxi, why there are already millions of cars driving there, but there much less video channels dedicated to crypto, economics and the industries of the future.

So the ideas that it’s possible to release 30–50 NFTs, each NFT is picture-based like many those which exist these days, but it has a tie to the «real life» as each particular NFT also represent 1 ride of Cryptotaxi (with or without recording a video program).

In order to redeam it — the owner needs to send it back to the Cryptotaxi owner. So basically the idea is that you are buying not only a collectible but something like coupon or voucher which you can really use. It should be valid as a real service in 2021, and then remain only like a collectible picture.

Yes, as a real service it’s localized now, as Cryptotaxi exists only in Kyiv (Ukraine). But in Kyiv itself there are hundreds of crypto-enthusiats, some of them formed “First NFT agency” and already are focused on NFTs.

Localized now, it can be easily globalized, as people from other regions of the world can join the incentive.

What other functions this idea might have:

  1. Fund-raising. For example, if I don’t have fund to grow and develop youtube channel, I can sell a set of NFTs and collect the funds. Some of the NFTs will be redeemed as a service, but they will be redeemed only in some time, during a year. Others just might have this NFT as collectible and indicator that they helped the development of crypto media.
  2. NFT adoption and development. NFTs can be very different. One can be “valid” for a few kilometers, while others (and of course they will be more expensive) cab be 500 km.
  3. Connection of the offline business and online. If successful, this example can be repeated in multiple other areas.

For NFT minting, I don’t want to use Ethereum, I have other blockchains in mind: Cardano and Telos.

So what do you think about this idea?



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