dStor — Telos-based project is hiring

As you know, the blockchain industry is very dynamic, and so is the hiring process there. Just now Douglas Horn, CEO fo dStor (and also — Chief Telos architect and white paper author) announced several open positions. There is also a bonus of 5000 TLOS if you will recommend somebody who will join the team.

Best way to apply is to join Telos Telegram and to speak with Douglas directly.

“I’m looking to hire a few more people on the dStor front as this project advances. I need:

1) Marketing lead — will help us establish the dStor brand from scratch. Similar experience valued.

2) System administrator/dev ops: strong linux & eosio skills, postgres, docker, ansible, Kafka, tinc, SSL, Cassandra, micro-services framework, Go-lang, IPFS knowledge will all be valued.

3) Developers with experience in node, go-lang, IPFS, HLS video streaming, micro services, etc.

The candidates need to be legal to work in the USA (US citizens or existing green card holders) but can be working remotely…since it’s quarantine time.

I personally consider the GoodBlock team one of the best in the blockchain space so this is a chance to join and help us drive home a killer launch on a revolutionary product, dStor.

If you have serious skills, current availability, and a passion for blockchain and Telos, this could be your chance to help change the world. Please DM me. Also, if you can connect us to such a person there are 5,000 TLOS thank-you/referral bonuses to anyone who connects us to a new (to us) candidate who we end up hiring. (To the first person to make the introduction to someone we don’t already have an existing relationship with.)”

You can learn more about dStor here: https://telosnetwork.io/dstor/

Join Telos Telegram to apply or recommend somebody else



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