How crypto companies help to stop horrible russian war against Ukraine

3 min readFeb 28, 2022

A few days ago, the world was shocked by the full-scale invasion initiated by russian federation against Ukraine. Almost all major Ukrainian cities were attacked by missiles, and the “blitzkrieg” invasion was started by russian army. Many of you have already seen the footage of destroyed houses and streets of Ukrainian cities, the suffering of ordinary people, the flow of refugees. Children died, and the whole country is in a shock situation, learning how to live a new life hiding in cellars, lacking food and shelter and the basic need — a feeling of security. Only the Ukrainian army and the heroism of ordinary people who united, coordinated, and stood for resistance prevents the suffering to be even bigger and gives real hope for Ukrainian victory, for the peace which lies ahead.

In such an atmosphere still, there are positive things that I didn’t expect to happen: the huge support from the crypto industry, from companies and individuals, from entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Here I will list some of the examples, of course, the list is not complete, and sorry for not listing everything and everyone.

  1. Savelife Fund ( please if you plan to donate double-check the site and everything, as there are fakes created)

When the war started, this fund has only a few bitcoins on the account, and now it has more than 192 BTC (or more than $8 000 000!) (link to block explorer) and of course, the number will be bigger at the time when you read these lines.

2. FTX gave all Ukrainians $25

I used FTX both for portfolio tracking and keeping some small amount of crypto (I liked that they give 8% APR) and easy to trade/swap on the app. So I checked my wallet and indeed — $25 appeared there!

Maybe it will sound against economic logic, but $25 now is more valuable than $25 in the past. Only a week ago you for this amount you could go 1 time in the restaurant, but now it might provide food for a week (modest, of course, but restaurants are not working anyway)

3. Vitalik Buterin supported Ukraine and also mentioned “Ethereum is neutral, but I am not”. He also told to “fuck off” (or might be translated “go fuck yourself”) to one of putin’s famous propagandists or kind of journalists. Vitalik also endorsed UkraineDAO:

4. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov tweeted that official Ukrainian accounts also accept crypto now — and these accounts also got big donations.

5. Gavin Wood tweeted that: “If you post a DOT address I’ll personally contribute $5m.” responding to the official Ukrainian Twitter account. At the moment of writing I didn’t find if he did this contribution or not

6. Charles Hoskinson (IOG, Cardano) recorded a video about Ukraine

7. Binance is donating $10 million to help the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

8. DMarket cuts all relationships with Russia and Belarus due to the invasion of Ukraine. — The registration on the platform is prohibited for users from Russia and Belarus; — Accounts of previously registered users from these areas are frozen

9. 4IRE team created a special #NFTCollection ! All the profits from it will be directed to help #Ukrainian Army and all the people who suffered from Russia’s military actions

10. Unchain.Fund collects donations in many cryptocurrencies, stating “we are not raising funds for weapons”

That’s only 10 examples, but I’m sure there are hundreds more.

And last but not least — Elon Musk gave us lots of Dogecoin Starlink




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