How to work for Cardano blockchain

One of the changes that the cryptocurrency industry brings is decentralization of work. More and more people work for DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and unlike with BigTech companies, there is no single point of decision-making, which gives more freedom and flexibility.

In this article, I will explain how to work for Cardano blockchain. Yes, not for Cardano company, but for blockchain itself, as the payments are done from Cardano treasury.

Project Catalyst is DAO (or Decentralized Innovation Fund) in the Cardano ecosystem. The first and probably most important thing — is that you need to look for long-term results. On the long-term distance, you will develop your knowledge, expertise, connections, reputation, and experience. If this area is new for you — you will need to learn a lot before and it’s just not worth investing so much time if you don’t consider this work for the long term. Even from a financial planning perspective — here is an example — Fund9 Project Catalyst Proposal Assessors (PA, people who write reviews on proposals) -did the work during the summer and was paid only today, at the end of October 2022.

Where to Start

This is the platform where the major steps happen — submission of proposals, and writing reviews. So you need to be there.

Sign up for Catalyst Telegram Announcement Channel — so you will know about all the main updates. Attend townhalls, which happen every Wednesday, or watch them after recording.

There are many telegram, discord channels, groups and entities inside the Project Catalyst, in some time you will have a big variety of options to choose. Sometime after you will have the idea of where you can contribute, what you can contribute and how you can be rewarded. You can choose your career yourself, and you can combine them by choosing several careers.

Career #1 — Proposer

You can see if there is something you can contribute and if you are confident — submit your proposal. It can be a small proposal or big one. Several new companies were created in Project Catalyst, once the proposal is successful — it will be easier to win votes in the future. Companies that already operate in the blockchain space also come to Catalyst with proposal, and many individuals are just submitting a small proposal for their particular work.

Be prepared that the competition is hard, and Catalyst process takes several months, so if you are looking for fast money — that’s not the best option.

Career #2 — Proposal Assessor (PA)

PAs are anonymous, there are no requirements for becoming PA. That’s an easy way to write a review, but to write a Good review — that’s not so easy. And to write an Excellent review is hard. Only Excellent and Good reviews will be rewarded, so there is no point in writing reviews that lack quality — they will be filtered out. “Good” and “Excellent” in terms of the quality of the text, which shows the research and thinking which was done on a particular proposal. Along with review, you are assigning 1–5 stars on the proposal and in a way influence its fate as voters later will look at the rankings.

Career #3 — Veteran Proposal Assessor (vPA)

vPAs evaluate the reviews done by PAs by selecting “Excellent”, “Good” or “Filter out”. That’s how part of the reviews are filtered, and those which are good and excellent are later visible to the voters. vPAs influence the amount of PAs earnings.

Career #4 — Referrer

Career #5 — dREp

Career #6 — Freelancer



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