Kyiv Ethereum Meetup — 26 November 2022

2 min readNov 26, 2022

The full-scale russian war against Ukraine continues, but Ukrainian crypto community is working and growing. Today’s meetup was attended live by only 8 people, but others watched online, and the telegram group of Kyiv Ethereum Community has over 500 members now.

Also it’s Saturday today and the center of Kyiv is empty as it’s usually is on the weekends.

As you know, Vitalik Buterin visited Kyiv a while ago. But today he was not present. Today’s meetup is about Ethereum smart contracts and Uniswap. It’s a technical meetup and usually such technical meetups are visited by less people. And also many people from Kyiv crypto community are not in Kyiv or even not in Ukraine.

Firstly everyone introduced themselves, I was happy to know that many guys are knew to crypto, they joined recently and work in crypto development.

Rostyslav, the speaker and organizer of these meetups, spoke remotely and the quality of broadcasting was very good. He started with introduction to Uniswap, the essence and specifications of this protocol, which was useful for non-technical people.

Then he spoke about Permit2 contract, and I won’t repeat the technical part here. Everyone who speaks Ukrainian can check the full video here

Rostyslav also announced the next meetup on 8 December and said that such meetups will be held twice a month.

Of course, I plan to attend more. I attended such meetups many times before the full-scale russian invasion and now such meeting are even more important. In order to win, we need to have funds, and high-quality jobs and cryptocurrency industry brings this. And my message for the international audience is that we grow and develop crypto industry, if you willing to take some risks- you are welcome to visit Ukraine.




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