Netflix documentary about Ukraine by David Letterman — highly recommended

The new documentary is now on Netflix about Ukraine: David Letterman Interviewing President Zelenskyy. I’m recommending watching it, especially to those foreign people who still don’t know much about Ukraine and the war with russia which is still going on. Just today as I’m writing this 13 Shaheds (kamikaze drones) attacked the Kyiv region and fortunately, they were all taken down by Ukrainian defense.

Like President Zelenskyy, David Letterman is a comedian. “I’m Mykhailo Hrushevshyi” jokes pointing to his similarity to Ukrainian historian and political figure of the early XX century. This also shows that David didn’t just make an interview for the sake of the interview but went deeper into studying Ukraine, its history and recent events.

The interview itself took place in the metro station and it was possible to see and hear the trains passing by. In addition to the interview, David spoke with another comedian, ordinary people, and the head of the railways. That’s why for the general audience (and Netflix audience is probably very broad) it would be interesting to watch to see the bigger picture of the country with is at war.

In the interview (which was done in October 2022) Davide Letterman focused not only on the war questions but was interested in Volodymyr Zelenskyy as personality. He asked if the role in “Servant of the People” film (by the way, one of the few Ukrainian films available on Netflix) made him a President. In the end he asked what Zelenskyy would do after the war, and President responded although he didn’t think about this, he just want to go to the sea and have a beer. Simple dreams during complicated times, for a person who made his way into the history books…

For Ukrainians, there might be not so much new information, as, since the beginning of russian full-scale invasion, we pay attention to the President’s speeches, which were very motivating and inspiring especially at the beginning of the war. But for all of my readers abroad — I really advise you to watch this film and make your own impression about the nowadays country leader who is managing the war and Ukraine 24/7.

Watch this film or if you still hesitate — check the trailer:



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