Presearch Keyword Staking experience

I recently wrote an article about Presearch so if you don’t know yet about this project — you can read it. In this article, I would like to share some particular statistics about keyword staking.

I increased my number of PRE tokens to 11 000 (which is around $200–215) and started to stake more keywords (which you can see on the photo)

Now I don’t stake them, as I had to sell all my PRE tokens (not because I was not satisfied, or decided to get another tokens, but because I needed money, cash — so that’s why I sold them). I mention this so if you like some of these keywords — feel free to stake them, you won’t overtake my keywords, and you can stake them for 1000 tokens only.

I also found the “golden” keyword, the one which brought be more traffic than all these keywords combined. Guess what is was? google. Yes, somebody was staking it, but the amount of staked tokens was only 1000. So with 2000 I overtook this keyword and it brought to me hundreds of views every day (but of course the modest amount of clicks). It lasted more than a week, and then somebody else took that keyword and staked 100 000 PRE (which is $1927 now). So it means now in order to get traffic by these keywords you will need to invest more in 1 keyword alone… Yes, you can stake 100 keywords instead (which I would do). This “google” keyword is not on the list, as I switched to other keywords.

How I choose the keywords? I checked the list of the most popular keywords and just went from the top to the bottom. All of these keywords are from this list (apart from p2pb2b which I used before and had 1 or 2 referrals). I experimented with the languages, I took some Russian keywords (names of social networks and “translator”) but didn’t get traffic on them, probably because Presearch is not yet popular there. Then I got some Spanish keywords and you can see that I got traffic from them. I think if you are interested in finding other language keywords, it might be good to check stats from which countries people use Presearch the most.

And some of the top English-speaking keywords had 1–4000 PRE staked, so you with a bigger amount you can take them.

Also it might be so, that some keywords which are taken now, might be free soon. As like in my example I needed money, so I stopped staking and sold PRE tokens. Other people or businesses who use Presearch staking might also need to allocate their budget to other activities. So it is worth sometimes to check different options.

The amount of clicks is a small number in this example, but in time as Presearch usage grows, these numbers will also grow. I’m enthusiastic about it, as it’s an alternative to the Google Adwords monopoly, and it’s so easier to use, you don’t have to be an online marketer. Do you have any thoughts, experiences to share? Let me know.




Cryptocurrency enthusiast, student of forgotten economists

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Cryptocurrency enthusiast, student of forgotten economists

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