russian bastards strike again — this time more damage to the civilian infrastructure

3 min readNov 24, 2022

As of the morning of 24 November, when I’m writing this publication — 70% of Kyiv households have no power and in the majority of Kyiv, there is no water. The news says it will be restored and of course, these brutal attacks by russian bastards won’t harm the Ukrainian spirit.

Yesterday Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defense systems and forces destroyed 51 Russian missiles (out of 70 missiles). This is much more effective than before. But unfortunately, 10 people have been confirmed dead and more are injured (and the numbers might be even bigger).

(Photo by Ukrainska Pravda)

17-year old girl died. She had her whole life to live, but russian bastards decided otherwise. This is a matter of chance — the rocket can reach you anywhere. It seems the vast majority of people accepted this chance to die — as, despite this bombing, the lack of electricity, heat, and water — people are not leaving Kyiv. And yes, other regions also have these infrastructure problems and they have the danger of bombing.

What’s different after this attack is that now water and the internet disappeared. The mobile internet didn’t disappear everywhere, but there is a significant worsening of its quality of it — therefore many people stay without connection. If in past 4G was working very well in all Kyiv, in Kyiv region, and in the biggest part of Ukraine, now it might be somewhere, but sometimes even if it shows you 4G — you can see it’s not enough for appropriate work. Yesterday even the text messages came with such a big delay… if in past I was able to work everywhere — in my car, on the streets, in any cafe… I was streaming while driving and taking part in zoom meetings. Now I don’t plan interviews anymore, as I can’t know where and when I will be and if I will have power, laptop or mobile charged, or good internet connection…

A lot of time I think about economical development, what could be done and what should be done, and unfortunately, I can’t do much without resources. Huge respect to the local services, who restore water supply and electricity supply, and for all professions of the critical infrastructure, like firemen and doctors, who have to work in these conditions.

Today it’s raining, it’s a wet winter rain — a lot of snow is still around. I went to the center and I noticed there are more free parking spaces than before — probably a lot of people decided to stay at home, as so many businesses are dependent on the supply of electricity and water. Economics is very dependent on such basic resources. If we could imagine the situation continues (when 80% of the city is cut from water and electricity) — this can lead to a huge economic decline and also worsen of health situation. That’s what russians want to do — they want to kill us, but they don’t have the possibility to kill everyone, that’s why they want to kill us slowly. They want to force “peace” negotiations on their term, use the operational pause to regroup their army, and continue the war, as their leaders said — their goal is to destroy Ukraine…

That’s why russia will be stopped and the territorial integrity of Ukraine will be restored. But we won’t restore the lost lives, broken families, psychological damage and all the consequences of war…




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