SecretDAO — decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) built on Secret Network

Now it seems DAO along with DeFi and NFT is one of the recent cryptocurrency trends. There is even an idea, that if your ecosystem doesn’t have a DAO or isn’t planning to have one — you might be not so competitive in the long term.

So what is Secret Network’s vision of a DAO? Let’s check the definition from their recently DAO announcement:

SecretDAO is a robust decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) generation platform that aims to make DAO creation simple, easy, and cost-effective. By providing existing and new communities with DAO tooling capabilities like the ability to create tokens, build treasuries, and vote on community proposals, we look to empower artists and creators to do more for a lot less.

SecretDAO is still in early development but has a big ambition:

With SecretDAO, creating and allocating “tokens” will be as easy as giving the token a name and sending them to the respective community members. This empowers the DAO creators by cutting out the necessity of designing a token, hiring developers to build the token, and creating a medium in which this token is managed. All of this will be handled internally within the SecretDAO platform.

The platform will help in providing a medium in which members of the respective DAO can initiate and interact with community-led governance proposals using the generated tokens created by its leaders. This will allow for a truly collaborative and autonomous process in which DAOs can involve their communities with future directions for their projects.

Secret Network partnered with NFT artist, MrMinded (Ample Agents creator), to release an NFT collection that will ultimately decide the projection of SecretDAO: Cyclops Circus, his newest creation of a traveling caravan of different cyclops species, is set to release its first collection on February 28th, 2022. Revenue generated from the initial three collections will help in the funding and development of SecretDAO.

So in a week and see how the convergence between Art and Crypto will work.

Meanwhile, SCRT Labs launch Legendao, the play-to-mint NFT platform, powered by Secret Network, which aims to enable top artists, brands, and NFT creators to launch their NFT projects in a unique, gamified way.

Legendao will also sustain the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)’s treasury, showing SCRT Labs’ commitment to engaging with and expanding the Secret community and Cosmos ecosystem.

Blockchain governance is one of my main interests, some of the DAO which I study I know better than others, but I’m always open to new information, so if you have something to recommend particularly — please let me know (including your suggestion of whom to interview on the topic of governance).

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