Shade protocol: Privacy, Tokenomics, Airdrop

One more project is growing among the privacy cryptocurrencies, this time — in the Secret Network ecosystem.

Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi applications built on Secret Network. These key applications are stablecoins, governance, bonds, staking derivatives, insurance, synthetics, lending, DEXs, and more. With the power of the Secret Network’s tech stack via secret contracts, all of the key Shade Protocol DeFi applications inherit the properties of programmable privacy.

Shade Protocol will have two primary tokens: Shade ($SHD) and Silk ($SILK).

SHD is the treasury, governance, and revenue share token of Shade Protocol, used for staking, governance proposals, liquidity providing, transactions, bonds, and more.

SILK is the privacy-preserving stablecoin of Shade Protocol. SILK is pegged to a basket of global currencies and commodities, including gold, Bitcoin, USD, Euro, Yen, and more.

SHD tokens airdrop

The airdrop just started. If you held some SCRT, ATOM or LUNA at the time of snapshot — you can claim your SHD tokens here:

Now the easiest way is to claim using Keplr wallet (on the desktop, I tried on mobile — there is no such possibility).

Also there you can check the short video about Shade protocol and the benefits you might get holding SHD tokens.


So the airdrop will distribute 14.5% of SHD. Other categories include Staking & LP Rewards, Community Pool, Grants, Development Fund, Launch Expenses, Private Raise, Advisors + Listing.

I’ll be monitoring Shade protocol, as well as Secret Network and all the other privacy-focused projects.

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