The Death is near

A few weeks ago I had a feeling that Death is near. I don’t know why, it was before the bombing of Kyiv (where I heard 2 explosions, it sounded like it was very near, but it was a bit distant from me at the moment).

The Death is near in Ukraine since 24 February 2022 and that’s a matter of where are you and what you do to see how close it is. Definitely, in February and March, it was closer. Now russians bomb us every day, killing innocent people, and children, and destroying historical buildings. But if you look at this statistically and if you are not on the frontline, the chance that you particularly will be killed is not so big. That’s why many people don’t hide and don’t care when they hear air alarm.

But I don’t know why I had this feeling that Death is nearby. It wasn’t related to the news, the news are just the way you look at them. You can focus on the negative side — as russian bastards kill Ukrainians every day, or you can look at the positive side of the news — that Ukraine is winning on the battlefield. Ukraine already won. russia didn’t manage to occupy neither all Ukraine nor a significant part to make us surrender. This is already a big victory, but a bigger victory will come in the future.

It’s not uncommon to see random people crying on the streets. And you don’t know if they just react to the news this way, or some of their close people died or something else bad happened. The Death is near and it will remain so for at least some time in the future.

Recently I was driving to Kyiv from central Ukraine and stopped in a small traffic jam, as cars stopped to give the way for a funeral procession. On both sides of the road, people were standing, and some people stood on their knees. Soldiers in uniform carried a coffin, it was an open coffin, but many funerals happened with the closed coffin. The funeral procession turned from the main road to the villages, some cars were following them, and then after a few minutes, traffic resumed.

I’ve heard that russians generally don’t care about their dead, they just throw them to the pits and the bodies rot there. Many times I’ve heard both from talk shows and from personal stories how awfully russians behave. They are more interested in stealing toilets and other things from homes than taking bodies of their dead soldiers or their military equipment. No wonder there is no respect for them in the world and the “orc” name suits them.

Some time passed and this feeling that Death is near vanished… So maybe for some time, I will better focus on work. Death didn’t vanish, it will remain close at least till the end of war for all Ukrainians, but the inner feeling that it’s close to me disappeared.



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