The Green Way — new NFT on Opensea

3 min readMay 5, 2022


It’s been a while since I published Kyiv Fortress NFT collection on NFT.

As for now — nobody bought a single NFT. But anyway that’s interesting for me as it’s also an experiment. First of all, that’s an experiment on the possibility of a new economic way to finance the Ukrainian fight for freedom. The crypto communities already contributed a lot especially to big and reputable funds such as Aid for Ukraine.

It is the best way to support known and proven funds, organizations, and people. And who knows me and my small crypto-media? Well, some of you, my crypto-blog readers know me, but I’m not collecting donations as already many people do it.

I had another idea, to release the book of my commander as NFT (also on Opensea). He wrote a graphic book and was supposed to publish it in March, but of course, fate prepared to him another line of work. While supportive of this idea in general, he still said that he prefers to publish first in print, after the victory.

So as my experiment with NFTs continue, I decided to tell more about this particular NFT and see if the explanation of its symbolism will help to sell it. Probably not. And it’s expensive, for now, it costs $263, but I can’t put the price lower than 0.09 ETH in this collection. I will be doing other collections with much smaller prices in the future.

So — The Green Way

Not only do I like this photo and it helps me to remember how amazing was Podil at this time of the late April evening in Kyiv. On the Sahaidachnogo street, several cafes are working now, I took coffee in some Georgian restaurant which looked new and I asked them — when did you open?

- Before or after the war?

Because they just recently opened, but they worked before the war too. From the inside, you can see that it’s really new place. You can even smell it.

For those who are not from Ukraine, I will probably need to explain the political context of this photo. The green color is the color of Zelenskiy political force “Servant of the people” — so it’s brand color. You can also see the “game of words” as literally “Zelen” is “Green” if you translate it from Ukrainian or Russian to English.

As Zelenskiy told in his campaign of 2019 and after “Each of us is a President”. After russian full-scale invasion, Zelenskiy acted as a strong leader — he got unimaginable support — both in Ukraine and abroad. So now all of us are green, all of us follow “the Green way”.

Especially for crypto people — I don’t need to explain another meaning of Green and Red colors. You all like when the market is in Green and hate when it’s in the Red. The red color is also used by russian invaders, because it appeals for their communist ideology, that’s why they use red color and symbolics very often.

That’s why I hope all of us will follow the Green Way: in crypto markets, in politics and geopolitics.




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