The opportunity to create Crypto Hub in Kyiv — Ukraine

A bookstore in the historical part of Kyiv — Podil — all places are taken, as dosen of people sit there and work on laptops. Some older guy is writing code — I understood this from a short glance on his laptop. But that’s now very common in Kyiv — places which have electricity, wi-fi, and generators are full of people who work. Of course, the russian tactics would like to throw Ukraine into economical collapse, into chaos depleted by war cities — the image you see from the film when you watch films about war or postapocalyptic films. Despite economical problems which one can’t notice — Kyiv is keeping up its megapolis way of life, and people continue to work and live.

There are many coworking places in Kyiv and of course, there are many restaurants and cafes where you can work. But there is always room for more. And the necessity of the existence of Crypto Hub becomes more obvious to me. If I would have funds, I would create one just right now, even without thinking about profits and income, as it will have a social role there. I still think that the concentration of creative people in one place might create synergy: new projects, new startups and new business ideas.

The number of cryptocurrency donations at the beginning of the full-scale war was huge. But still, I don’t understand why crypto entrepreneurs or anyone of the donors didn’t open a crypto hub here? The reality is that the most of Ukrainian crypto-entrepreneurs left the country, some before the full-scale russian invastion, some after. Some of them took abroad their companies, and employees, and of course, we can understand that they took away crypto-capital. The part of this capital won’t return. But we need to have new generation of crypto-entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, developers, etc. Creating some sort of Crypto Hub with a physical location will only help to fasten crypto adoption in Ukraine and in the long term will create new jobs and new opportunities.

Just recently I saw one crypto event in US which had a budget of $250,000, the funds were paid by the blockchain itself as those who participated in governance voted for this proposal. That was a good event with professional video production, but with such budget, Crypto Hub in Kyiv can exist for a decade! Yes, exactly — a decade, 10 years minimum, as of course Crypto Hub can become self-sustainable if organized well it can become self-sustainable in a few months. Maybe that’s not a geographical discrimination, but geographical determinism — that’s obvious that some locations (US, UK, Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore) might enjoy priorities, while other locations will remain on the periphery. But I’m not willing to accept this and I plan to develop crypto industry in Kyiv and make my small contribution so that Kyiv will become one of the major crypto capitals. That’s why without having any huge expectations, I’m still looking for people who think or will think the same.

In conclusion, for any crypto company, a crypto foundation — that’s a good opportunity to come now, establish Crypto Hub, and establish a reputation among the new tech-skilled people, whose number is growing. After the war when Ukraine will have big economical growth which will bring additional benefits.



Cryptocurrency enthusiast, student of forgotten economists

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