and Harmony blockchain — video of Token Swap from ROY to ONE

Some of my readers might have seen Cryptoroyale game review which I published recently. I continue to research different projects, and for these purposes, I played that game. It took me some time to earn 20 ROY tokens.

In the video I withdrew directly to ONE (Harmony cryptocurrency), I did it for testing purposes and I knew the rate was bad. Thanks also to the community who indicated that it’s better to withdraw in ROY tokens and then make a swap. I did this for educational and testing purposes and the second time I withdrew with ROY to another Harmony wallet (which was connected to Metamask).

So I easily swapped 20 ROY tokens to 5.52 ONE (which is at the moment of writing this post $1.25). So this short video shows how fast and easy the process is, and without any super-high fees like on Ethereum.



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